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Hello! Welcome to Tallulah's Word Club, where you can learn fun and challenging new words, and become a part of the Dancey Chance world.

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Quirky (adjective)

  - having peculiar or unexpected traits

*That dog looks very quirky with his chicken costume on!
*Grandma Twiddle has a fun and quirky personality.
*Being quirky is much more fun than being ordinary.

Tallulah Froom knows and uses such fun word choice in her first Adventure Book. You can learn interesting new words, too! Just follow Tallulah's Challenge and you will be amazed what you can learn.

1. Be sure to study the Word of the Week very carefully and write it down somewhere you can see it every day.
2. Use the Word of the Week at least once a day!
3. Stop by to see what Tallulah Froom choses as her NEXT word every week.

Not sure how to pronounce a word? Ask a parent, teacher, or other adult for help. Soon you will have an excellent vocabulary just like Tallulah Froom so you can one day write your own amazing Adventure Book!

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